Liora Belford

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A Piece for Two Floors and a Corridor
19 February - 26 June 2015
The Israeli Center for Digital Art

A Piece for Two Floors and a Corridor, is a collaboration with the sound artist and experimental composer Amnon Wolman. The exhibition—which includes sound installations as well as sound performances—envelopes the entirely of the works displayed as one single non-permanent work of art that functions throughout the acoustic space of the Israeli Center for Digital Art, as a non-linear acoustic composition. Wolman's composition divides the Center's space into two floors: on the first, a visual overload that produces sounds; on the second, which acts as a music box, an area with subdued visuals but overloaded with cluttered sounds. The apparent chaos created by Wolman on the first floor is intentional and orchestrated; to aid the visitor (who becomes a kind of a performer), a map is distributed in the lobby, acting as a score that the visitor may follow. Since the works are played together and share an acoustic space, the score enables the auditor a passage between the works according to a time and space map, thus producing a soundtrack that is always different, yet always in concordance with the composer’s intention. But in Wolman’s view, this map is not indispensable and he readily allows any improvisation of the route taken through the space. According to Wolman, this map exists in its own right – as a stand-alone piece – and exposes the two central issues that thread through all his works: mechanisms of power and time information.

Image Credit: Eyal Levinson