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Geography of Salon - Sharon Glazberg
February, 2011
ST-ART Residence

Geography, as a research discipline in the fields of Natural, Humanities & Social sciences, developed in the 19th century to a field of study. 'Geo' + 'Graphy', as an action of describing the land, is being researched by Sharon Glazberg with materials such as Asphalt, tierscrude oil and bubble gum. Through these materials, Glazberg is asking political, cultural social and mythological questions of the concrete being. Sharon Glazberg created 'Geography of a Salon' as a site specific exhibition, especially for the ST-ART exhibition space, located in the living room of the art collector Serge Tiroche, examining among other issues, the position of the art collector in the art scene. The Salon that gathered around the cultural discourse from the early days of the Renaissance (and became later irrelevant), is hosting now (at the house of the modern art patron) Glazberg's future fossils, as they entwined in the house furniture, installed in a way that resembles a Wonderland Room - the first museum prototype. of Salon8.jpg of Salon7.jpg of Salon9.jpg of Salon3.jpg of Salon6.jpg of Salon5.jpg of Salon1.jpg of Salon2.jpg