Liora Belford

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Hard Pop
With: Liat Elbeling, VanillaRoyal, Rachel Monosov
6 September – 14 October, 2011

"A woman is not born a woman, she becomes a woman"- a famous quote by Simone de Beauvoir, one of the most significant feminist philosophers from the mid 20th century; it seems, from a modern perspective, that the idea of "becoming a woman" did not include or expect the gap and distortion that exists today in the female ideal, enhanced by men and woman. Men, who haven't lost the prestige of their gender - defined by power, strength and size - began to appropriate "feminine" elements which were formulated by aesthetic terms of beauty and gentility. This process led women, possible victims or collaborators, to push the feminine ideal to its limit, in order to subdue themselves to the male-female dichotomy. The demolition of the feminine myth, as a social process, characterized De- Beauvoir's era; afterwards, it seems the topic became relative and negotiable. The discourse regarding a woman as a subject matter, an ideal, became irrelevant and despite the fact it has been diverted onto other matters, it left the ongoing distortion without a significant change. The exhibition "Hard Pop" wishes to shed a light on the ideal of beauty, as a representative of the female archetype, from the point of view of 3 young female artists- Liat Elbeling, VanillaRoyal, Rachel Monosov- who express their voice with precise aesthetic gentility.