Liora Belford

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Laptopia #5
January – April 2009
Bat-Yam Museum of Contemporary art
Guest Curators: Liora Belford, Ido Govrin and Eyal Vexler

Participating Artists:
Amnon Wolman (IL)
Carsten Goertz (DE)
Duprass; Ido Govrin and Liora Belford (IL)
Gilles Aubry (CH)
Karl Kliem (DE)
Marcus Schmickler (DE)
Mark and Laura Cetilia (US)
Yaron Lapid (IL)
Yossi Marc-Chaim (IL)
hans w. koch (DE)

An international sound exhibition originating from a yearly festival for experimental art by the same name, organized by the label 'Interval Recordings'. Laptopia exhibition shows sound installations, created specifically for the museum's space, while using a laptop as a platform for digital/utopian creation. The participating artists created their work in the space itself, in a joined process – individual and collective at the same time. This process generated an overall plastic contraction, composed of independent sound entities. These sound units functioned as components of a more comprehensive structure, while communicating both with the space and with each other. The physical and conceptual connections formed throughout the exhibition transformed it to one elaborated and multilayered work in space, directly relating to the possibility of utopian creation in society.