Liora Belford

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Sonic Image
August – September 2011
CCA, Tel Aviv

With: John Cage, Dylen Thomas, Amnon Wolman, Jenifer Walshe

A lot as been said about the degradation of the visual image. Under modernity, we are being 'traumatize' everyday due to data overload. Automatic response to stimulus becomes essential to existence. The affect over the sin-aesthetic system causes automatic response and in fact causes the human facial to push away any contact from it. Experiment becomes experience only when linked to sense-memory of the past, but the lookavoids impressions, thus, the role of the sin-aesthetic system had reversed; now it's role is to anaesthetized the human being, to dull the senses, to suppress memory - from A sin-aesthetic conscious system to an anaesthetized one. According to american philosopher Susan Buck-Morss, in this situation (emphasizing the aural image) it is no more about educating the virginal ear for listening to music, but about retrieving the capacity of hearing. The simultaneity of over-stimulus and sensory-dullness characterizes the new sin-aesthetic organization as anaesthetic. The result is a human being incapable of experiencing anymore. In this sense, Buck-Morss characterizes the 19th century through the term phantasmagoria – a reality phenomena which deceives the senses via technical manipulation. Its goal: manipulating the sin-aesthetic system by controlling the surrounded stimulus. The effect on mankind is anaesthetization; not through dullness of senses rather by flooding it. Alteration of consciousness through sensory deflection. The effect is collective and the phantasmagoria is becoming an objective stand, sensory addiction for alternative reality is becoming a mean of social control. Thus, art, as a sensory experience which distinguishes from “reality” can not continue as such and becomes more and more a market commodity. Buck-Morss claims: “in this modernist phantasmagorical senses array, the sense of vision had a preferred position but not exclusively.” image1.jpg image2.jpg image3.jpg image5.jpg image4.jpg