Laptopia #5

Hans W. Koch, Amnon Wolman, Carsten Goertz, Duprass: Ido Govrin and Liora Belford, Gilles Aubry, Karl Kliem, Marcus Schmickler, Mark and Laura Cetilia, Yaron Lapid, Yossi Marc-Chaim, Hans W. Koch
01-06/2009 | MOBY, Israel

Duparss (Ido Govrin and Liora Belford) at Laptopia #5, MOBY, 2009.


Marcus Schmickler and Carsten Goertz, at Laptopia #5, MOBY, 2009.


Marcus Schmickler and Carsten Goertz, at Laptopia #5, MOBY, 2009.


Duparss (Ido Govrin and Liora Belford) at Laptopia #5, MOBY, 2009.


Laptopia #5, Exhibition View, MOBY, 2009.


Hans W. Koch at Laptopia #5, MOBY, 2009.

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Co-curated (with Ido Govrin and Eyal Vexler) Laptopia #5, involved twelve international sound artists and musicians (including Govrin and myself), each of whom made a different site-specific sound installation for the museums’ open space by using a laptop as a platform for creation. The facility in which the exhibition took place is a two-storey, circular structure, with no permanent walls or any other acoustic barriers. All the artists, therefore, shared the acoustic space of the museum and all had to consider the sounds from the other works when creating their own works. This pushed the participating artists to create their pieces in a kind of joint process that was individual and collective at the same time. After two weeks of installation, a sound exhibition was composed. The first floor consisted solely of a seating area that invited the audience to stay and listen. Since the area was pitch black, the invitation was simply to listen, and only to listen. When visitors went up to the second floor, they were able to distinguish different sounds coming from the different works simply by experiencing the increase in volume afforded by closer proximity. The emphasis on experiencing the exhibition through listening, without a prescriptive order or ready interpretation of the installations’ relationships to one another, caused it to have an effect as one sonic experience composed of independent sound pieces.

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