One Destiny

Amir Fattal
06-07/2012 | ST-ART Gallery, Israel
goral echad1

Amir Fattal, One Destiny, Exhibition View, St-Art Gallery, 2012.

goral echad4

Amir Fattal, Marleni, 2012.

goral echad5

Amir Fattal, 1943 - German Village , 2012.

goral echad3

Amir Fattal, 1936 – Double Mendelson (detail), 2012.

goral echad2

Amir Fattal, 1936 – DOUBLE MENDELSOHN (detail) 2012.

goral echad1 goral echad4 goral echad5 goral echad3 goral echad2

In ‘Goral Echad’ (one destiny), Amir Fattal demonstrates relationships between war, trauma, and artistic development. Fattal follows the biographies of architects, artists, actors, and photographers in order to explore aesthetic style in the context of ethics and politics.

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